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Bearish bias. Are Bulls losing control?

Bearish bias. Are Bulls losing control?

- Ichimoku setup is bullish until price holds above 128,80. There is some momentum loss as Tenkan started to point down!
- Heikin-Ashi also shows we have a momentum loss: second weekly candle with inside body and lower high. Recent candle also has a lower wick! haDelta below SMA3. Start of wave down is possible.
- EWO: loss of bullish power

- Ichimoku setup is a bit confusing, I see it as back to neutral: literally all average lines are flat!
- Large triangle with 131 resistance on top and 129,30 on the lower side as support
- Hekin-Ashi has bearish bias.

NOTE: This chart shows End of Day data. Real time mkt is trading already down to 129,84!

Short looks better risk/reward with a 131+ stop, but real bull slaughter would come only below 129,40.
Honestly, I find Bund a bigger idiotism and bigger bubble, I will focus there with shorts. But maybe we will have to short both... 0,5-0,5 unit to start with in each?

In $ZN I wil try to catch a spike to 130-130,20.