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iPhone 5s Doing Way Better Than The iPhone 5c

Apple (NYSE: APPL) co-founder Steve Jobs was right when it comes to high end consumer gadgets over cheaper ones, because everyone is buying the more expensive iPhone 5s over the 5c. Surveys show that the iPhone 5s is outselling the 5c by the margin of 2 to 1. Even retailers are starting to adjust Wal Mart and Target have both cut prices on the iPhone 5c. The Wall Street Journal also said Apple's orders for the iPhone 5c have been cut by a third. 

This isn't much of a surprise, we live in a consumer society where everyone wants to be on the same level if not higher than the person next to them. Let's be real when we heard there was going to be a more affordable iPhone hitting the market and it was named the 5c, we all thought the 'C' stood for cheap instead of color as Apple says. Giving a bunch of poor people who are eager to look better off than they really are the option between a cheap product or and expensive one they will take the expensive one. Not to mention if you spend anytime playing with the iPhone 5c the phone feels like more of a toy than an actual smart phone.