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Millennials Will Change Investing: Are You Ready?

Audio Length: 00:28:41

The Millennial generation is one of the largest in US history. The oldest members are now 35 years old, with the youngest just about to turn 18.

They have come of age amidst great changes in technology, including in the Internet.

How they interact with brands will determine which companies make it big or die. That, in turn, will have a big impact on how you should invest.

Over the next 20 years, if you want to invest in the winners, you should be paying attention to the Millennials.

Is Uber Still Golden?

Nothing defines the Millennials more than ride sharing. They have embraced it and grown up with it. Jeffrey and Ben have plenty of ride sharing tales.

1. Did Uber’s recent CEO controversy have any impact on their use of the app?

2. Do they use Lyft?

3. What...