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Starz Working with King James!!


The two-time NBA champion LeBron James is working with Starz (NASDAQ: STRZA) to produce a show together. LeBron as we know grew up with nothing, with hard work and dedication now he has everything he can ever want in life, your basic rag to riches story. The show is about two men from the street, one becomes a NBA star and the other is an average Joe, the story would be based on how life is from both perspectives. LeBron would be giving the insight on how the life of an NBA star is to the writers of the show. "I think the main thing for me is, first of all, making it out of a place where you're not supposed to. You're supposed to be a statistic and end up like the rest of the people in the inner city — (and) being one of the few to make it out and everyone looking at you to be the savior," said LeBron James. The show is not about LeBron’s life, its based in North Philadelphia.