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Did Martin Shkreli's FBI Arrest Save Him From A "Hit" Ordered By The Wu-Tang Clan?

Just when you thought the bizarre antics of famed 'Pharma Bro', Martin Shkreli, couldn't get any more outrageous, along comes a new book detailing how he was almost "whacked" by members of the Wu-Tang Clan after a twisted scheme, which somehow also involved Bill Murray, went horribly wrong.  According to the book, "Once Upon a Time in Shaolin: The Untold Story," it all started when Shkreli bought Wu-Tang Clan's infamous record, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, for $2million.

Wu-Tang fans were outraged at the sale because Shkreli purchased the album for his own personal use and was explicitly prohibited from commercially releasing the record for all to enjoy.

Alas, the sale was apparently just a big scam designed to heighten interest in the record and make even more money.  According to exclusive details from the Daily Mail,  members of the Wu-Tang Clan had already plotted with Shkreli to stage a fake heist to 'steal' back the album, along with a little help from Bill Murray, from Shkreli's home and then release it publicly.  Here is how the original scheme was supposed to play out per the Daily Mail:

It's claimed Cilvaringz then seized on a fake news story that had gone viral, falsely claiming there was a clause in the contract that allowed the Clan, or, randomly, actor Bill Murray, one attempt to steal back Once Upon a Time in Shaolin.


If the heist was successful, all rights reverted to the seller and the 88-year ban on commercial release was voided.


Cilvaringz, with an eagerly complicit Shkreli, set in motion a plan to make it happen, according to the book.


The robbery would be pulled off by RZA, GZA, Cilvaringz, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, and Bill Murray, if he could be roped in.


The scheme was later hilariously turned into a musical production, aptly titled 'Martin Shkreli's Game: How Bill Murray joined the Wu-Tang Clan'.


Shkreli had planned to live stream the fake break-in of six masked men. But the robbery would fail.


Shkreli would then make his big announcement. If fans were so outraged by the private sale and the Clan was so determined to get the record back, he would sell 36,000 copies at an inflated price over 36 days.


If the sales objective was met, he would then release the album commercially.


Otherwise, the man who had already proved he's a monster, would destroy it.


Shkreli would make a show of signing an amendment contract exonerating the heist crew of charges before allowing them into his house to repossess the record. And the profits would start rolling in.


But apparently Shkreli became enraged after a meeting with Wu-Tang's Robert 'RZA' Diggs and went rogue in an interview with Hip Hop DX.

But Shkreli went rogue the day before his arrest and delivered a message so inflammatory it called for blood.


In an expletive-laced interview on Hip Hop DX, the biggest hip-hop site in the world, Shkreli ranted: 'I bought the most expensive album in the history of mankind and f***king RZA is talking s**t behind my back... If I hand you $2million, f**king show me some respect.'


Shkreli told the site about his meeting with RZA at exclusive members club Soho House in Manhattan.


'Motherf***er came in. He was late. We sat down for maybe 45 minutes at most. The guy is f**king full of himself, talking about how his s**t is the best ever... I'd encourage him to shut the f**k up before he goes a little too far.'

The very public embarrassment was apparently not well received by the Clan or it's fans who then threatened retaliation...

'No one had ever dissed RZA or the Clan like that. Ever. There had to be retaliation for this, whether it was through words, fists, or maybe even bullets from a Staten Island crew who wouldn't let the Clan get dissed by this f**k.


'There's an awful lot of motherf**kers who'd be delighted to step to Martin first - no matter what anyone said. Man's going down.'


Wu-Tang rose from streets of a Staten Island housing project in the 90s to rule hip-hop.

...all of which allegedly prompted Shkreli to plot a further escalation involving a video, some AK-47s and a murder threat.

He found out that only the arrest had stopped Pharma Bro from starting a gang war.


Shkreli had got hold of fake AK-47s and planned a video with his posse threatening the lives of the rest of the Clan.


His planned callout to the Clan included lines like, 'A message to ODB (Ol' Dirty Bastard). Make some room in heaven, because your brothers are about to join you.'

But, in the last twist of fate in this sordid tale, Shkreli was arrested by the FBI for securities fraud just before being able to record the video, a move which, according to the book, could have sparked a real life gang war and sealed his fate. 

All of which could be true...or just another hyped up scheme designed to sell some books...what say you?