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Here are the top 10 notorious tax cheats of all-time, and you may not want to buy a Beanie Baby after reading this article

Here’s the top 10 Tax Evaders of all time… I guess USA is the biggest tax haven in the world after all? You decide.

1.Al Capone, gangster, if you don’t know him, watch Scarface.

2. Ty Warner, Beanie Babies billionaire.

3. Wesley Snipes, action movie star.

4. Joe & Teresa Giudice, reality TV

5. Paul Daugerdas, tax attorney

6. Igor Olenicoff, real estate billionaire

7. Rashia Wilson, Queen of Tax Fraud

8. Leona Helmsley, billionaire

9. Pete Rose, baseball great

10. Joe Francis, raunchy film producer

All these folks are still rich AF or dead.