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Mattel Transforms 'Star Wars' X-Wing Into a Life-Sized Car for Comic-Con

Mattel recently partnered up with Lucasfilm to create a full-scale version of the Star Wars X-Wing—except, it’s constructed on four wheels. Although the high performance car isn’t particularly suited for a Death Star trench run, Mattel’s life-sized X-Wing Hot Wheels Carship is capable of reaching speeds up to 160 MPH. The car was produced by Co-Create who meticulously worked over a year to create the final mock-up and is equipped with “a 2.0-liter 16 valve DOHC engine, AP dual piston calipers with slotted rotors, and custom Slick tires to out-maneuver the Empire and save the galaxy,” says Hot Wheels.

The vehicle will be on display at the Hot Wheels booth in San Diego Comic-Con this week. See it in action above and get a closer look at how it was made below. How does this bad boy compare to the Darth Vader car that Hot Wheels built for last year’s Comic-Con?