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Boeing Looking To Deliver More Planes To China Due To Increased Travel Demands

Boeing has big plans to deliver more planes to Chinese customers this year.  The reason for this is due to the increasing demand for flying.  Currently, it looks like 120 planes will be en route, compared to 80 last year.  As a result of the higher demand, the company raised its 20 year demand forecast for China's market.  This is actually the 4th time (year) that Boeing has done this, compared to India where the forecast has not moved at all.

Not only is flying demand increasing, but China's been really ramping up overseas traveling.  Within the next 2 decades, it is expected that China's international traffic will make up 27 percent of the world's total.  This is a 6 percent increase from what it is right now.  It makes sense, in fact, personally I've noticed more and more people traveling to and from there.