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Delta Airlines Will Not Allow In-Flight Cell Phone Calls

As I wrote yesterday regarding airlines allowing passengers to use phone calls during flights, many flyers are not happy about the policy change, and I can understand why.  After all, we want to be relaxed and not have to hear others' conversations.  Good news for us, we can fly with Delta Airlines.  Earlier yesterday, a memo was released from Delta CEO Richard Anderson stating that they will not allow in-flight cell phone calls even if the federal regulators had gone ahead and lifted the ban.  

As we've heard recently, the FCC proposed lifting the in-flight calls ban, and then voted 3-2 to begin the reviews.  However, as of this moment, the Department of Transportation is not agreeing with the proposal, and considers a ban instead.  In a survey last month, votes showed us that 80% of the population are against the idea of people being allowed to chat on their phones, as that would detract from their flight experience rather than enhance it.