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Michael Bastian x Hewlett-Packard Chronowing Smartwatch

The development of the latest range of wearable technology has often questioned both the product’s ability to answer functionality and style. American designer Michael Bastian and Hewlett-Packard partner in hopes of effectively answering this question of both form and function. The by-product of their efforts, the Chronowing, features a 44mm case that embraces traditional watch shapes feeling the need to embrace a more progressive design based on its technical innovation From a functional standpoint, the watch includes the ability to sync scores and stock updates, receive emails, switch music tracks on your phone and organize your calendar. The watch features three different strap styles in brown leather, olive green nylon and black rubber for further customization. A limited edition black feature clad in black PVD offers a further luxurious approach with its sleek, blacked-out aesthetic. With the official announcement, Michael Bastian and Hewlett-Packard have partnered to make the watch available exclusively through Gilt. Check the site for more details and sign-up for updates as they become available.