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Suncor Energy's Results Hurt By Oil Prices, Company Still Positioned To Prosper

On Thursday, February 5, 2015, Canada's oil sands giant Suncor Energy (NYSE:SU) announced its fourth quarter 2014 results. As many oil and gas investors likely already expected, Suncor's top- and bottom-lines were significantly affected by the decline in oil prices that took place over the latter part of 2014. However, there were some very positive signs in this report that show that the company is effectively navigating the low price environment and positioning itself to prosper in the coming years.

As my long-time readers are already well aware, it has been my typical practice to share the highlights from a company's earnings report before delving into an analysis of that report. This is because these highlights help to provide a background for the remainder of the article and help to frame the resultant discussion. Therefore, here are the highlights from Suncor Energy's fourth quarter 2014 report: Read More.