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I wonder what most people do with their spare change. Have you ever wonder? Some people leave it around the house: a bit under the couch, under the sofa or the bed. Maybe you can find coins scattered all over someone's car, indoors.

Most of us probably find spare change too insignificant to consider as saving material. We feel so good when we know we have stacked up twenty dollar bills, fifty dollars bills in our savings account, and rightly so!

A lot of good things can also result from saving our spare change on a daily basis. It seems like nothing from the start, but if done regularly and diligently, we can even end up with a few hundreds by the end of the year!

Think about the things you can get with that money you've saved without needing to touch your saving funds:

- an emergency cab ride.

- broken down car fees.

- a few groceries.

- new appliances.

- last minute Christmas presents.

You can fill in the blank! So from now on when you're tempted to leave coins all around the house, get yourself a piggy bank and stack it up!