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In the Senate race the majority could go to... no one

It's complicated.

But simple.

The majority goes to no one.

After analyzing extensive polling data and the dynamics of the individual contested Senate races (not including formerly hot races which have now frozen over: Oregon, Michigan, Minnesota, Virginia) I have made a projection about which party is lined up to run the new Senate of the 114th Congress: neither.

According to my estimates, the U.S. Senate will hinge on the fate of one man: Greg Orman of Kansas, the independent candidate running to replace Republican Senator Pat Roberts.  Roberts, who was born during Franklin Roosevelt's first term, is tied with Orman but is more vulnerable than any Republican has been in Kansas in decades.  Born the year of FDR's landslide victory over Kansas Governor Alf Landon in Kansas (as well as forty-five other states of the nation's forty-eight), Roberts faces the unique possibility of losing Kansas as a Republican.

If Orman is vaulted into the Senate without either party holding at least fifty-one seats, as could happen if this current polling data stagnates or strengthens for the pols ahead, all eyes would be on the new junior Senator from the Sunflower State.  If he chose to conference with the Republicans, Orman would give them their fifty-first vote and (just barely) control of the Senate.  If he were to caucus with the Democrats, Orman would be number fifty, clearing the way for Joe Biden to ride in and cast the tie-breaking fifty-first vote.

So with whom will Orman stand?  He has pledged to conference with the majority if elected.  Majority, not plurality.  If no one gets to fifty-one seats without him... all bets are off.