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U.S. Should Strengthen Japan Ties To Neuter North Korea

When one talks about the United States’ relationship with the Far East, emphasis is often placed on China. Yet its increasing friendship with Japan could play a major role in guaranteeing the security of the nation, considering the political situation in North Korea.

Japan’s rapid industrialization

Of all nations on the planet, Japan has perhaps transformed itself more than any since the Second World War. With security guaranteed directly by the United States, the nation which was charred by warfare has transformed itself from a vanquished country into a prosperous and steadfast ally of the United States.

By many estimations, the sturdy US-Japan relationship has played a significant role in maintaining peace in the Far East region. But despite the efforts to keep that area on an even keel, there are some ominous portents currently looming.

East Asia has become an economic powerhouse over the last thirty to forty years, with first Japan becoming one of the most significant economies on the planet, and then China following suit. Indeed, it was recently reported by the International Monetary Fund that the Chinese economy had exceeded the GDP of the United States. This process has really only just begun, considering that the population of China is roughly five times that of its most obvious economic rival.

In addition to the rise of China, Japan has occupied an important role in the world economy over the last few decades, despite experiencing a massive recession. And production powerhouses such as Taiwan...