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Hot Topics of the Week! (October 12-18, 2013)

Government Reopens...What's next?

Congress acted as expected

Will $24 Billion Congressional Temper Tantrum Repeat on January 15th?

Hot Earnings!

Even Goldman Could Not Escape FICC Weaknesses

BlackRock Strong with $4 Trillion Under Management

Bank Of America Beat Expectations

IBM Third-Quarter Earnings Hit with Hardware Weakness

Verizon shares up on third quarter earnings

Pepsi Quarterly Report

Coca Cola Had A Better Quarter Than Expected

Companies in Focus:

Twitter Hires Google Executive To Head Ad Sales

Dell Approves New Board In Its Final Meeting

Boeing's 787 Dreamliner Loses Body Panel During Flight

AAPL - Will Apple Overtake $515 Level,... Opening the Door for Mark-Up Phase?

Must Read:

Past 10 year OCTOBER US Market performance

- AUD/USD: Weekly - Is Aussie Ready to Rally to Parity? A Bullish Scenario...