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Delta Kicked Passengers Off Fully Booked Flight to Accommodate College Basketball Team

Everyone hates it when their flights get delayed or canceled, but I'd say the hate value increases a little more than slightly when we learn that the reason is because the airline chooses to accommodate other people instead.  In this case, dozens of flyers were kicked off their flights so that a college basketball team could board.  What happened was this.  UF's Gators flight was delayed due to maintenance issues.  As a response, Delta decided to cancel the heavily booked Flight 5059 and quietly rearrange it so that the Gators team could board.

An unidentified source mentioned that they were told the plane had maintenance issues as well, but then noticed the basketball players boarding the "canceled" flight.  It would appear that the Delta spokesman did not have much to say about why the carrier decided to do what they did.  As a result, the passengers had to stay there overnight and leave the following day instead.  A relocating passenger missed his moving truck, another missed a funeral, another was forced to drive instead of fly to not miss the event.  All of this for what?  For the Gators to lose 65-64 to Connecticut's buzzer-beating jumper.  Ha.