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Denny's Gets Creative With New Cartoon Ads

Denny’s (NASDAQ: DENN) is marketing its signature Grand Slam breakfast platter in a whole new way.

In a series of online commercials, the facets of the plate come to life, making rich characters out of a pancake, piece of bacon, piece of sausage and an egg. The web series, according to AdWeek, is called “The Grand Slams,” and features the ingredients going on various adventures.

"We wanted to take our iconic dish and add that personality of Denny's and make something entertaining for the millennial generation," said Denny's chief marketing officer John Dillon, according to Adweek. "It's something that's a little bit off-center, but [the characters are] really reacting to the relevant pop culture. It's what people talk about in a diner booth."

The iconic breakfast chain teamed up with the producers of the show Robot Chicken, Adweek reported, Stoopid Buddies Studios. Even more recently, Denny’s partnered with 20th Century Fox to give the characters superhero personas, as well.

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