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Lindsey Graham Says Trump Is the Only Person He Knows Who Denies Russian Meddling; Brennan Says Trump 'Dishonorable'


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I wonder how you are able to live with yourselves, knowing you're a filthy rat traitor. America is the beacon on the hill, the proverbial 'shining star' that has waged miserable wars on other nations for 220 of its 241 year existence. If you have a problem with America, it is because you're an evil man -- wholly corrupt and sinful.

Here is the good Senator from S. Carolina, Lindsey Graham, obviously very hurt and bedraggled over the President's feckless position on Russian collusion. He said he knows of no one else, aside from Trump, who denies Russia's involvement into our elections. NO ONE. He is, however, somewhat amused and pleased by recent military developments in Afghanistan and N. Korea. But the Russians haven't been punished and that's a real issue.

If that's not enough for you traitorous bastards (I am sure most of you are burning American flags as we speak), here is the former director of the CIA, John Brennan, who served under Obama admirably from 2013-2016 saying Trump's comments about Putin were dishonorable. This is the former CIA director. He'd never lie to us.


If that's not enough for you, here is former POW and hero, John "shot down again" McCain -- angered and bewildered by Trump's position on a sundry of issues, from Russia to Syria to Afghanistan and back to Russia again. Remember, this is a man who got his teeth kicked out by Vietcong scum. John McCain is a war hero, god damn it -- shot down 5 times in Vietnam -- accidentally responsible for the USS Forrestal fire which caused the deaths of 134 sailors. You cannot question his integrity. Ever.


For those of you miserable Russophiles out there, heed the words of the gorgeous Nikki Haley: "WE WILL NEVER TRUST RUSSIA."