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Europe's Wunderkind: How Is The Economy Of Germany Doing?


  • German's economy in Europe is a front-runner.
  • Unfortunately, due to the latest Volkswagen scandal and lower consumer and business confidence, not everything is so positive.
  • Keeping in mind the large influx of refugees in Germany, I would not advise buying the DAX.

Germany is the largest economy in Europe and the main driver when it comes to imports and exports within the European Union. As Gary Gordon discussed in his article concerning the state of the US economy, trouble is what is lying ahead. Is this also the case for Germany, as it is Europe's number 1?

Therefore, I consider it worth taking a look at how the largest economy in Europe is performing.

This article will cover a fundamental analysis of the German economy.

Chart 1: The stock market

As the US markets are currently yielding a negative year-to-date return, Germany's