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Who Just Acquired A Multi-Billion-Dollar Stake In Apple?

Someone just bought 12.5 million shares of Apple Inc. AAPL 0.06%'s stock.

CNBC's Jon Najarian reported during Thursday's edition of "Halftime Report" that a 7.5 million share block of Apple's stock (not options) was placed on the Midwest Stock Exchange at a price of $99.16 per share. He added that another 5 million share block was also placed at a price of $99.16 per share.

"That's an awful lot of billions that someone just plunked down," Najarian said.

rt @Spartantrader7@jonnajarian nice catch on the $aapl volume buy. Looks like a bullish bet to me @HalftimeReport

— Jon Najarian (@jonnajarian) May 26, 2016

However, Najaran also noted that in order for someone to acquire billions of dollars' worth of stock, someone must be willing to sell it on the other end of the trade.

He continued that the trade was most likely conducted by a hedge fund but did not offer any speculation as to which fund would be responsible.

"This is a very big bet made by somebody — but obviously accommodated by someone else," he continued.