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The SmartWatch Story

Watches have been losing their market shares after cell phones no one really wears a watch to tell time, we just grab our phone press a button and see time, date and any other information we can possibly be seeking. Watches are just worn around the wrist now to make fashion statements, Samsung Electronic Co. Ltd (OTC: SSNLF) is trying to be the first company to change that with its new Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Watchmakers have been trying for a while now to innovate watches by adding calculators, calendars, wireless data connections and other different add-ons for the past 30 years, nothing has really helped on a long term. They are to release the Galaxy Gear in Berlin tomorrow, but according to sources the smartwacth is just a fashion accessory with an effort to redefine the genre. Not a game changer by Samsung but maybe a step in the right direction. Sony Corporation (NYSE: SNE) is also launching its Android compatible smartwatch, so are other competitors like Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) and Google Inc (NASDAQ: GOOG). According to Credit Suisse reports smart watches can be a $50 billion market by 2017. It all sound fun and all but there are hurdles that companies have to face to bring you products that you only see in dreams.

Cellphones have batteries that are decreasing in size but still big, this makes the phone last longer while you use its features. The watch is much smaller then a phone and the battery that would go in it would need to be 10x smaller but carry the same juice. Another issue is the display how big of a display screen can you carry on your wrist until it becomes an annoyance, I mean if its too small you can’t see well, if its too big you just look weird walking around with a cellphone like device tied to your wrist. Even if all these problems are solved and we get a smartwatch, the real question is still DO WE REALLY NEED THIS ???