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Update: Texas Rare Earth Resources Moves On To Stage 2 Of Its 3-Stage REE Separation Process, SC Capital Acquires 825,000 Shares

Texas Rare Earth Resources (TRER) just announced that it is moving to stage two of its three-stage hydrometallurgical REO separation process.

Recall that the goal of stage one was to eliminate the bulk of the low-valued metals in the REO bearing sulfate solution. The company announced in December that it was able to eliminate all but one-part low-valued metals to three-part REOs - far better than the three-to-one ratio the company's partner - K-Tech - set out to achieve.

Having achieved that the goal of stage two is to separate the REOs into three groups - lights, mids, and heavies. Stage three will be to separate out the individual REOs. The company will do this using processes similar to those used in the past to separate out individual REOs - continuous ion exchange and continuous ion chromatography, described here.

Investors should note that ion exchange and ion chromatography are… Read More …