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Sony prepares to unveil two new PlayStation 4 models

Even in an industry where leaks are commonplace, the relatively slight flow of information about Sony's PlayStation event, scheduled for Wednesday, has been remarkable.

The video game giant is expected to reveal details on a new pair of systems: "Neo," a high-end version of the console that the company confirmed it was working on in June, and a still-unannounced slimmed-down version of the existing PS4.

Both are notable for different reasons. Neo is the next iteration of the PlayStation brand, just as Microsoft's Scorpio is the next step for the Xbox. (As the gaming world has evolved, the definition of "next generation" systems is changing. Rather than hitting reset and launching entirely new consoles, both companies are offering systems that play all existing PS4 and Xbox One games, but greatly enhance the hardware power.)

The PS4 Slim was supposed to be a surprise, but word began slipping out weeks ago — followed by

and even a review, despite Sony refusing to officially acknowledge the console's existence.

If anything, though, the buzz factor...