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Primary Fixed Rate Mortgage All-In Yields Fall More Than 0.04% Despite Rise In Points

Kamakura Corporation projections for U.S. Treasuries and fixed rate mortgages this week show a 0.046% and 0.062% fall in 15- and 30-year fixed rate mortgage all-in yields, despite a rise in points at both maturities. Current U.S. Treasury yields rose 0.09% this week at 30 years. The U.S. Treasury yields also include a term premium or risk premium over expected future short-term U.S. Treasury rates of 0.434% at ten years and 0.697% at 30 years. This week's projections show that the implied forward yields for 15-year fixed rate mortgages rise from a current effective yield of 3.006% to 4.535% in 10 years, down 0.09% from last week. The all-in yield on 30-year fixed rate mortgages this week is 3.646%. The value of net servicing for 30-year fixed rate mortgages rose slightly, up 0.08% since last week. Here are the highlights of this week's implied forecast:

  1. The current all-in yield on