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Antares Pharma: Preparing For An Inflection Point

As an investor who typically plans to hold stocks for the long term, I keep an active eye on patent filings and industry trends to help me get an idea as to whether the long term picture of an investment remains intact. Part of my main investment rationale for Antares Pharma (ATRS) has been that the future looks bright for the company, and that the market has completely discounted the pipeline from the valuation. While I still believe that the future looks bright and that industry trends toward self-administration of injectable drugs is still in the early innings, Antares is nearing an inflection point that bears serious consideration.


As its supposed flagship product that would bring Antares to profitability, Otrexup has really floundered since early October, staying on an annualized sales rate of about $12 million. Even though the timing of when Otrexup scripts started to plateau coincides with… Read More …