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Gold futures... Long term EW TP @ $4000

Gold futures... Long term EW TP @ $4000


Good morning traders,

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend.

This is my long term view on gold0.00%% over the coming years, I am asked daily where I believe the 'moon' to be, and given the likelihood of a crash I suspect we will break 2000 sooner than expected and begin the journey to 4000.

This does not mean go out and buy XAU tomorrow, instead, buy the dips. The coming week after Friday's close is suggesting a near-term down trend targeting 13200.00%% - use this to start scaling into what should be a 10 year trade here.

Plenty of opportunity to add to your position so remember to not over leverage and focus on entries. I am an investor, not a gambler, fiat is struggling. I will also post up other precious metal charts both ST and LT0.00%% views.

GL with this, see you at 4000 when I have grey hairs!