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Cramer: The Only Way To Beat Amazon Is Merging Microsoft And Walmart

Can any one retailer or company stand up to the task of dethroning, Inc. 's dominance? The answer is no, at least according to Jim Cramer who thinks it will take a combination of two of the biggest Dow 30 components to take on the tech behemoth.

In order for Wal-Mart Stores Inc  to take on Amazon, it will need to merge with Microsoft Corporation , Cramer argued during CNBC's "Squawk on the Street" segment Friday. The logic behind this is simple: Walmart need to offer a competing product to Amazon's AWS cloud service, such as Microsoft's Azure.

Meanwhile, Walmart is actively pushing members of its own supply chain to end their contracts with AWS, and by controlling Azure, it will give Walmart immediate access to the all-important cloud business.

Also, Walmart sees 100 million shoppers per week across five thousand stores and Microsoft may be better able to analyze the vast amount of data, Cramer suggested.