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How to save costs In Agriculture (organic farming)

It is no secret that agriculture is one of the most sensitive sectors in the world today. Agriculture caters for the food we eat and it is paramount that we eat healthy grown food. For these reasons the government has strict rules to govern this sector. Unfortunately, the strict rules come with heavy taxation and regulations. As an agricultural major, there are certain things you can do to reduce the cost of production in the farm.

Organic farming is considered the way forward by many agricultural sectors. The practice offers an eco-friendly, affordable farming practice. However, the practice is considered slow and tedious. Organic farming requires that you use organic fertilizer to add nutrients to the soil. Organic fertilizer takes many months of decomposition to make it usable to the farm. However, certain practices have been known to make organic farming more economical.

Rabbit organic fertilizer

By using rabbit waste, you eliminate the decomposition process in manure creation. Rabbit droppings can be used directly to the farm, hence the term, “drop and use”. As disgusting as it may sound, rabbit urine can be used as foliage fertilizer leading to high leaf growth in horticultural crops. Before you all get up in arms concerning the health hazard this may pose. It is also important to note that the foliar fertilizer is used in the crops early life to enhance leaf growth and is completely used up before harvest.

Weed manure

Weeds are known to be one of the hardiest plants on the planet. They have a good nutrient conversion rate. The weeds can therefore be used to make one of the best organic fertilizers. Decomposing weeds take a shorter time and can quickly be used on the farm.

Mix your organic matter with honey

One of the biggest disadvantages of using organic fertilizer is the length of the fertilizer creation. By adding honey to the organic matter, you create the best environment for decomposing microbes to work on the organic matter. The process is much faster and efficient, resulting into a much profitable organic venture.