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Media Watch: Greece On The Guardian

The comment section @ The Guardian about Greece. (phillyd.tv, image credit)

I'm reading the state of affairs on the Greek negotiation. The Guardian has a very informative and divergent set of opinions.

I love this wild-eyed radical take:

Lela Gary 13m ago



Why doesn't Greece mobilize the countries that supported the revolt, aka Spain, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, and all of them Exit the Euro? They are all in the same economic predicament, and Exit would bring a Balance in European Economics, not in the present choking situation of the most vs the least.

And then the total opposite:

The_Brain 1h ago



Sorry bub it is up to Greece to end this game of chicken and honor its commitments in the bailout agreement. The notion that because the Greek electorate votes for a certain party Greece has some right to demand different terms from other eurozone countries is laughable. What is next? Can I choose to lower my taxes because my family votes that they do not like them?

PS The whole idea that the eurozone will be devastated by a Grexit is downright silly. It smacks me as little more than a red herring used to pressure the eurozone into cowing to Varoufakis's insolent demands.

and then:

Familyg 2h ago



You mean a monetary system cobbled together by wildly different economies running at different paces but with the consistent theme of engineering economic prosperity through debt and borrowing is finally falling apart. Not a chance - the Germans need the Euro to fund growth as much as Greece needs debt to fund not collecting taxes.

Total and utter disastrous economic political experiment that will be kept alive irrespective of how much pain it causes.

Only Europe could think of it and try to sustain it.

And then a cry of humanism from this Greek person:

Dimitris Chatzistamatis 3h ago



All this "political" havoc has created so much hate among people.. it's sick. Some cursing us Greeks as low class citizens and some Greeks cursing Germans as nazis. Why do you people give in to hate and misanthropy so easily? Don't you see that the crisis is economical and bestowed upon us all? It's a pity that we don't share this world in unison rather blame each other while the moneyholders laugh behind golden desks.