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There has been nice buying opportunity last couple of days . What ???  Buying ???

Who would buy so high  ? And what about  the news that Big Hedge Funds are reducing exposure to equities  all over the internet ? It  must be scary to someone , I guess  think "LONG" ;). 

But I am not talking to suggest this is the time for accumulation of assets in those levels either  .  All I want to let you know , there is a methodology to find a good opportunity in any market . Here is how : http://smbu.us/smbwho 

So we have a nice support identified  and  what next .?  Lets look at the Order Flow .

The  Yellow frame in this picture is located on the chart above as an Support area . In it we have concentration and  accumulation of positions . Yellow circles are orders executed on the BID side and the blue one on the  OFFER within support area  . We see that market does not want to trade lower at that time .

What are market intentions  ???    

All this has happened before the next leg UP !

So I do not know if we will trade lower from current resistance levels or if we are going to break to New Highs . But I know what to look for and so can YOU . This link will help you . http://smbu.us/smbwho 

All the Best and looking forward to see you in our class .