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Great Mini Bluetooth Speaker Test


good sound for the size

Compact size

Bluetooth and 3.5mm plug

Splash-proof bag included


Because of the deep bass, risk of falling off the table

something loud voice, during the phone call

, the high tones could be a bit clearer

Here they read now our first Bluetooth speaker test! We have the cheapest and very compact Rokono + Bass Box picked out and want to see what these cubes can accurately and how good is the sound of the can! We want to say here is equal to this mount speakers safely on the table should, where they do not want to fall to the ground. Why?

Good and deep bass - Please ensure speaker!

The speaker box really offers very good bass in deep areas. Even so deep that the box starts to dance and ever-moving device table edge ... until she falls down from there. So please somehow, if possible, attach the box. For the compact size of the speaker has a cool bass performance.

The higher notes are for not so well reproduced or rather, these are not entirely clear. After a few songs it shows them hardly anything, but when at home then the speaker is cranked, it is still a noticeable difference. But friends of electronic music are likely to be interested in the bass anyway more.

A bit annoying is a built-in loudspeaker announcement that says after the successful Bluetooth pairing between box and mobile phone, " Bell Connected ". The announcement is a bit noisy and is not affiliated with the volume control to be regulated. Consolation: The announcement takes for a second and then stops.

Rokono® (B10) BASS + Mini Bluetooth Speaker for iPhone / iPad / iPod / MP3 player / Tablet PC / Notebook - Black Titanium

Very good customer reviews and a selling price can be proud of

As you can see for yourself, both is the price of just under 25 € really great and the customer opinions are hardly different - from the current 95 customer recessions have been 62 awarded the highest rating. A vote was the Rokono Bass + Box bad (1 Star).

Connectivity: Bluetooth + 3,5mm

Especially handy, even if it is a speaker with Bluetooth function, the present latch on they come with a jack to jack cable , and any other devices that have a headphone output, connect, and the songs of can play this over the loudspeaker. Of course, the cable is included!

By the way: If the Bluetooth connection is established between your phone and the speaker, they can make and receive phone calls also on this course. This function is always very practical, for example when using a speaker in the bathroom .

Battery life and outdoor fitness

The built-in speaker lithium-ion battery lasts whole eight hours . This is more than sufficient for most applications. The charging process is finished successfully after about 2 hours.

Therefore, this cube is also suitable for spontaneous applications.

In our view, however, this cube is not suitable for outdoor. Although they receive a splash-proof bag when ordering free with this, but the volume is not high enough for it, eg if you meet up with friends at the lake, it may be true that those who are right on the cube speakers to enjoy undisturbed music can. But really party is not.

For this Bluetooth Box is ideal for use in the office or on the balcony. Here they get really good sound delivered! In relation to the 2014 World Cup is a very good investment if they are allowed to follow on work the football games.