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Top 5 For 2015, Part 3

In my first two Top 5 columns, I recommended Fairway Group (FWM), Chesapeake Energy (CHK) and Chicago Bridge & Iron (CBI). To get things started for my final Top 5 column, I pose this question: "Has the Internet been a net benefit or a net cost to the average investor?" Before I begin, I'd like to first tell a brief story about an investor conference I recently participated in. As is customary, before diving into the heart of the presentation, I provided some background about my firm, its investment philosophy, performance results, etc. In the middle of talking about special situations investing, finding top quartile stocks (in terms of quality) with bottom quartile valuations (Magic Formula Investing) and other core tenets of my investing philosophy, a parallel picture began to emerge. A picture of two long, winding roads that named "preparation" and the other "patience." To be a great… Read More …