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Why Kraft Is Not A Good Investment Candidate

There's no question that Kraft (NASDAQ:KRFT) has been a great investment if you held the stock before Wednesday. If you were fortunate enough to invest on Tuesday you are potentially looking at a 60% gain in a day. Each share you held went up $20 overnight and, in addition, you will receive a $16.50 special dividend. That's a $36.50 gain off a base investment of $61 for a grand total of $97.50 (assuming you can avoid tax on the special dividend and the price holds up above $81 by the time the special dividend is paid).

Looking on in envy, I have been wondering should I initiate a position in Kraft so I can at least get on the Buffett-3G train before it fully departs the station.

Or perhaps I risk jumping on an overvalued band wagon? Read more