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FANG Can Go Higher; Amazon Moves In on Home Depot: Jim Cramer's Best Blog

Jim Cramer fills his blog on RealMoney every day with his up-to-the-minute reactions to what's happening in the market and his legendary ahead-of-the-crowd ideas. This week he blogged on:

  • How FANG stocks can go higher
  • How Amazon is moving in on Home Depot

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Cramer: Here's Why FANG Stocks Can Go Higher

Originally published July 20 at 1:38 p.m. EST

How can Facebook ( FB) , Amazon ( AMZN) , Netflix ( NFLX) and Alphabet ( GOOGL) continue to go higher in the face of no new news? Isn't this just the greater fool theory writ large, where you buy it today, confident that someone will pay more for it tomorrow simply because it's got momentum?

The answer here, in this particular case, is no. In fact an emphatic NO. It seems that every day these companies are innovating and giving you another reason to buy them.

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Just consider Thursday. We just learned this morning that Facebook is working with news organizations to figure out a way to get their wares out and become more friendly with these outlets. I can tell you that's been a huge issue and the fact that they are addressing it shows you exactly how customer friendly they really are. Plus, we know they just started figuring out ways to put video on some of their functions that will take away the worry that there is too much ad load, something they brought up on the last conference call. And we just got a reiteration from an analyst who says Instagram is crushing SNAP SNAP with its new copycat offerings. These are all new and earnings per share additive reasons to buy the darned stock.

Amazon? What can I say? We wake up and find out that they are now in the appliance game, something we thought couldn't be Amazoned. Sears, its pathetic partner, doesn't have much left to itself, of course, but it does have the best brand name in appliances: Kenmore. You put Kenmore together with Amazon, you throw in Alexa to be able to scream at...