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UK real estate management industry bans investors from selling shares or closing their accounts for at least a month after Brexit so they don’t trigger a multi-billion pound market meltdown. But it’s cool: “Experts say there’s no reason to panic”

Investors will be vigilant for signs of further contagion this week after property funds with more than £15 billion of holdings moved to prevent people from withdrawing their cash.

Trading has been suspended by several open-ended property funds amid concerns over the impact on the market of the EU referendum outcome.

Experts say there’s no reason to panic and emphasize that property should be viewed as a long-term investment offering valuable diversification and income. But investors will be worried now that the measures taken over the past week could reflect deeper underlying problems.

False perception of liquidity if your fund is based on far less liquid assets. There is no reason to panic. And this just enforces that. It’s like panicked selling that triggers more selling which triggers more. Everyone just chill off. This is the hilarious part of capitalism. Free markets work, are genius, have an internal improving logic all on their own…  Then when it’s about to melt right down, regulations and controls are called in with a frenzy.