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Owners of the $10k gold Apple Watch react to news their watches are now obsolete

The 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition has been discontinued, dead just a year and a half after it began. Since the company never released official sales figures, we’ll never knew how many models actually crawled off the shelves, but in the months after its release, MacRumors estimated that just under 2,000 had been sold.

In terms of revenue, that’s at least $20 million, as the base price for the watch was $10,000. But for one of the world’s most powerful companies, it wasn’t enough to save it from humanity’s practical conscience as Apple quietly pulled its gold watch page from its website. This came as Apple unveiled its upgraded Apple Watch series 2.

The extremely paltry sales make it hard to track down owners of the gold Apple Watch Edition for their reactions, but it’s not impossible thanks to Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit.

Christel Quek, a VP at Brandwatch, a platform for monitoring social media response about brands and products, is a proud owner of a gold Apple Watch Edition, and isn’t much bothered by the Apple Watch Series 2 superseding her model.

“I got it because of the collectability,” she said via a Twitter direct message. An educated fan of European watches like IWC and A. Lange & Sohne, Quek wears the gold Apple Watch Edition in rotation with the other watches in her collection and reckons its discontinuation will make hers more collectible.

But unlike the mechanical watches that can operate without electronics of any kind, the Apple watch’s electronics destine it to a relatively short life and slow death, as future updates will render...