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Smart Portfolio Just Got Better

We have now introduced a new page for our award-winning Smart Portfolio platform called ‘My Account’. You may have spotted the new page on the drop-down menu for the Smart Portfolio, under the Stock Screener. We wanted to create a new page that would let you take control of the emails and alerts you receive from us. Take a closer look at all the unique features below.

1 Manage your email alerts

Here you will find a useful summary of all the experts and stocks you are following. (On each TipRanks expert and stock page there is a ‘follow’ button that you can click to start tracking all the activity of that expert/stock.) And the best part is that you can manage the experts you are following and the email notifications you receive. Are the email alerts too much for you? Now you can keep your finger on the pulse while cutting the information you need to consume by selecting to receive only one email per day.

Personalize your notifications by selecting ‘manage email notifications’. This neat feature lets you decide which scenarios demand your immediate attention. For example, you can choose to be notified when a stock reaches a 52-week high, when a new rating is released, or even when the analyst consensus on a stock changes.

2 Synchronize your existing portfolio

Here you can import your existing portfolio by selecting your current broker. Once you have synchronized your portfolio you can start benefiting from a range of features including top financial expert insights, crowd wisdom and stock activity alerts.

3 TipRanks Learning Center

As our site continues to grow with the addition of new and exciting tools, we have created a learning center. The center contains short tutorials clearly explaining the different tools and how you can use the tools to optimize and analyze your portfolio. Visit the learning center to make sure you are getting the most out of what TipRanks has to offer.

4 Give us your feedback

We are always interested in hearing about your TipRanks experience. This new box makes it even easier for you to share your feedback with us. Let us know how we can improve TipRanks and the Smart Portfolio to better match your investing requirements.

Explore your My Account page now

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