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Obama administration to now allow up to 10,000 Syrian refugees into the U.S

Today, President Barack Obama opened the door a crack more, announcing the US will be prepared to handle 10,000 Syrian migrants, according to Reuters: The number reflects a “significant scaling up” of the US commitment to accept refugees from the war-torn country and to provide for their basic needs, White House press secretary Josh Earnest.

When Canada’s Conservative Government is doing 11,300, I think the US could do a bit better than 10,000.

I’m sure it was a very calculated number that Obama threw out there, even knowing that the right wing outrage machine would flip out.  But consider this – not that long ago on Fark, we got the story of how Iceland’s government said they could take in 50 refugees.  10,000 people in the country responded, saying their country could do more and volunteered their own homes.

Iceland has a population of 323,000.  The US is approximately 1000 times that, 318 million.  Imagine the outrage if Obama offered to take in 50,000…and then imagine if 10,000,000 Americans offered up their homes.

I was having a discussion about this to a coworker about why not move the refugees, say 500 here, 500 there, to  some area where they can get Americanized slowly: The Midwest. Language, reading, basic job skills. Eventually getting an education and  Help rebuild infrastructure to shiat towns… Detroit. We are a big country, we have the space, its the politicians that are the problem.

DB I work with is like “Detroit cannot afford 500 more people.”  Frothiness and spew about Obama that I turned him out on.

” If they shut down the Planned Parenthood, they will easily see that number swell over the next 5 years of our own people that you don’t want to support anyways and cut every bit of funding.  Immigrants traditionally have a strong family unit and strong work ethic. Look at Dearborn and how it is thriving. We could probably add 10k to Detroit and improve it within two years.”  ( Detroit is very slowly trying to rebound.)

He pretty much doesn’t want them to go to any country and they should all be shot or something back in their homeland.  I think in his mind it they are criminals.

He’s a white male. I know, Shocker.

Native Americans are prisoners on their own lands forced into basically running casino businesses that are mostly failing now that the disposal income pie has vanished. Yet, knuckle heads who shout about how illegal immigrants need to get out don’t understand that they were descended from illegal immigrants themselves that violently stole the lands from natives.  Yet, many of these morons probably believe in American Exceptionalism that the GOP has been pumping into the airwaves for the last decade.

American Exceptionalism is like the new Aryan Supremacy dogma. Like the crazy concepts of those days, American Exceptionalism seeks to instill this magical thought of Americans are the best at everything, can do no wrong and Christianity is the only way. Now, they can avoid that whole pesky skin color issue by deciding who can be Americans. Thus, they can include the token morons who are willing to join the crazy train (lookin at you Ben Carson).