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The Madness of the Healthcare Stocks is About to End

Last week, a number of different healthcare and biotechnology companies showed an impressive upside movement that continued yesterday. For example, Heat Biologics ($HTBX), which is known for its pipeline of cancer drugs HS-410 and HS-100. Tomorrow, the company expects to present its data about its latest cancer trial at the International Society for the Study of Lung Cancer Annual Meeting. It will also report data from a phase II trial in bladder cancer at the Society of Urological Oncology Annual Meeting. While both of those presentations will be important for the industry, the company’s stock already showed an impressive growth before the news even came out. We believe that market overreacted last week and since the upside potential of those studies is unclear at this point, the depreciation of its share price this week is a real possibility. Buy the rumor – sell the news.

Other companies from our list include Photomedex ($PHMD), Interpace Diagnostics ($IDXG) and Phaserx ($PZRX) all of which had an impressive upside move last week, currently are showing signs of weakness, and have the real possibility of falling down.