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Company Earnings on Watch This Week: Apple, Facebook, and More

Apple - AAPL - could make new highs after the ER.

Alibaba PT $200/share.
Option strategy:
Puts on TSLA
Calls on AAPL
Calls on FB
Calls on ATVI
Calls on EA. Everyone hates EA but buys their games.
Calls on SHOP
Short Blue Apron - APRN.

Expect new highs from Facebook. Everyone's on it and addicted to the site. Instagram too.

Shopify - SHOP - needs good results to counter the Citron bear call.

TEVA reports this week. Will that stop it from falling to $10/share or help it rebound to $20/share?

Watch Pfizer and Allergan.

What stocks are you trading ahead of earnings? 

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