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7 Of The Best Reactions From Wired's Live Blog Of Sony's PS4 Event

Sony Corp Ord NYSE:SNE, Apple Inc. NASDAQ:AAPL - 7 Of The Best Reactions From Wired's Live Blog Of Sony's PS4 Event

With all the attention on Apple Inc. AAPL 2.26% and its iPhone 7 launch event, little attention is being paid to Sony Corp (ADR) SNE 2.02%. The company introduced the new PlayStation 4 Pro and a new, slimmer, lighter updated console device, which maintains the PS4 name at its PS4 event.

The new standard PS4 will ship to stores on September 15 for $299.99, while the PS4 Pro will sell for $399.99.

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The updated PS4 brings the same technology and features of its predecessor into a smaller, more energy efficient form factor. The device's volume was lowered by 30 percent and is 16 percent lighter and consumes 28 percent less power.

The PS4 Pro supports the 4K resolution technology and High Dynamic Range (HDR) as well as smoother frame rates.

Wired live-blogged the event, and here are some of the best reactions.

  • "According to my phone's audio detection feature, today's waiting music is 'Couldn't find a close match' by ???. Canny choice, Sony!"
  • "Okay, starting for real now. Andrew House, head of all things PlayStation, takes the stage."... "House in the House!"
  • "1TB HDD is good news for anyone who's ever run out of space due to the sheer size of some PS4 games. Which is, I think, everyone who has owned a PS4.
  • "'Soon You'll Buy Consoles the Way You Upgrade iPhones,' we said earlier this year, and you have to admit that so far this feels very much like a new iPhone announcement."
  • "Please, buy it. And our 4k televisions. Love, Sony.
  • "Something with guns, think Aliens. Definitely think Aliens."
  • "My favorite part of any console announcement is when a CEO cradles the new console like his baby."

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