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Eastman Chemical: Good Company But Margin Of Safety Not Enough Given Its Risks

Company Overview:

Eastman Chemical Company is a global specialty chemical company that produces a broad range of advanced materials, chemicals, and fibers that are found in products people use every day. Eastman began business in 1920 for the purpose of producing chemicals for Eastman Kodak Company's photographic business and became a public company on December 31, 1993. Eastman has 45 manufacturing sites in 16 countries and equity interests in joint ventures that supply chemicals, plastics, and fibers products around the world.

Eastman's objective is to be an outperforming specialty chemical company with consistent earnings growth, selling differentiated products into diverse markets and geographic regions. Eastman works with customers to meet their needs in existing and new markets through development of innovative products and technologies. (Source: 2013 Annual Report)

Risk Assessment:

We refer to a risk assessment performed by Obsido Analytics to evaluate Eastman Chemical Company. It is a balanced scorecard… Read More …