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No one Drinks Soda Anymore?

Sales of soft drinks have been reportedly declined for the past 9 years. This is identified as more than a trend and became a shift in fundamental – a shift in consumer taste that will give Coca-Cola and Pepsico a round of headache and prove to be a new challenge on the brand to deal with.

In 2013, sales of soda fell 3% by volume to the lowest levels since 1995, according to a report by Beverage Digest. Consumers are drinking less and less soda at an alarming rate. Some of the measures that these soft drinks companies have tried include partnering with celebrities to endorse the brand, come out with diet drinks with artificial sweeteners but nothing helps. People are becoming more aware of health issue associates with drink soda.

However, seems like health concern is not the main culprit. Further investigation shows that main target for soft drinks is not believing that drinking soda is only for old people to be drank in the olden days.