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Why most investors should ignore Janet Yellen, Donald Trump and the Dow

Instead, pay attention to your portfolio’s costs, allocation, and rebalancing

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I asked some two dozen fund managers a simple question this week: Would the Federal Reserve Board’s decision — whether it was to raise interest rates or to hold them steady for a bit longer — affect shareholders in their fund in any long-lasting, meaningful way?

The respondents represented a mix of asset classes, from short-term to long bonds, domestic stocks to international equities, covering various investment styles.

The responses, universally, amounted to one word: No.

The managers weren’t making a market call, they were just aware that what the Fed does (or doesn’t do) has short-term consequences, at most. Even the long-term bond managers felt that any impact would be short-lived.

“If you’re the average fund investor with a good mix of funds, you really don’t need to worry about what the Fed is going to do next,” said one manager.

And yet average investors do worry, fret and sometimes make decisions based on watching the wrong things. They’re not market timers and active investors, but they’re playing the mental gymnastics that those more-aggressive movers and shakers live by.

Here’s three things the typical fund investor should be tuning out now, and three much more important aspects of fund ownership to focus on instead.

Average fund investors shouldn’t worry about: