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​Commercial Drone Growth Good news For InvenSense

InvenSense could use a break. The gyroscope supplier needs smartphone demand rebounding, watch and other wearables growing, and new markets for sales. None of this is happening just yet, except for the drone market.

The FAA published the new rules concerning commercial drones. It must:

  • Weigh under 55 pounds
  • Fly no higher than 400 feet
  • Fly at a speed at a maximum of 100 mph

Drone delivery services in the U.S. will happen, but the limitations will hurt adoption. Beyond this geography, there are places worldwide where commercial drones make sense. Difficult to reach places in Germany where there are islands in the North Sea, drones make perfect sense. The units will need high-quality parts. This includes cameras, GPS, and gyroscopes.

STMicroElectronics (STM) may have beaten INVN on the mass market, but its gyroscope is of lower quality. InvenSense could step in and win more deals here.

INVN has a 25x forward P/E so shares are not cheap. If it re-tests $6 - $6.50, then average down or bottom fish. There's plenty of time to buy InvenSense, as the 6-axis sales growth will pick up over several years.