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Hedge Funds Performance Is Top Industry Concern At Present

Hedge Fund Managers And Investors Agree That Performance Is Primary Industry Concern At Present by Preqin

Hedge Funds delivered below-average performance last year, with the Preqin All-Strategies Hedge Fund benchmark making gains of 4.58%, compared with 12.23% in 2013.

Following Preqin’s mid-year surveys of both hedge fund investors and fund managers, both parties stated that the greatest challenge the industry currently faces is performance. Forty-four percent of investors named performance as a key issue facing the industry, as well as 22% of fund managers, higher than any other factor. This has arisen following one of the worst years for hedge fund performance in 2014 since the financial crisis, and as such, 43% of investors think hedge funds have underperformed in the last year. Investors named fees and transparency as the next most important issues, while fund managers are concerned with the fundraising environment and current condition of the financial markets.

Other Key Hedge Funds Outlook Stats:

  • Continued Inflows: The hedge fund industry grew by $76bn in H1 2015, and 81% of fund...