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Update: Columbus Gold Fine Tunes Its Nevada Exploration Plans

Columbus Gold (OTCQX:CBGDF) is planning to prove the market it no longer is a one-trick pony with its Paul Isnard gold project in French Guiana. Columbus intends to file its environmental impact assessment for the Nevada properties later this month, which should allow the company to start its extensive exploration program in the second quarter of this year. The logistics are being worked out, and Columbus has already leased office and storage capacity near its exploration properties.

It has contracted Boart Longyear, which will provide two RC drill rigs (to be increased to 3 later in 2015) as well as one core drill rig. The total exploration plan for 2015 will consist of up to 48,000 meters of drilling in not less than 185 holes (of which the large majority of 39,000 meters and 150 holes will be focusing on the original target whilst 6,500 meters are planned to being… Read More …