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Entrepreneur Trap – Daydreaming

This is a follow-up to the article titled Entrepreneur Trap- Expectations.

Are you ready for the cold hard truth?

Despite how much you read or how much you tell people your dreams, you probably won’t end up succeeding.


The fact is that your priorities are too skewed to ever succeed at the entrepreneurial game.

America’s Next Top Model is just too important.

The NBA Finals on Sunday night is a must-see.

Nikki Minaj's latest booty pic on Instagram is just too enticing to not share.

If this is your case — I can give you this advice right now: Do not spend money going to seminars or buying books because they will never make you rich! Why? Because your lifestyle is not congruent with what you are trying to accomplish. You’ll end up throwing them all away in frustration and disappointment.

If you truly have the desire to create something powerful, your addiction to entertainment and other mindless consumer distractions must be extinguished and replaced with meaningful action.

I’m pretty sure billionaire Mark Cuban doesn’t know who the latest winner of American Idol is. I can’t even remember the last time I saw a television commercial because tv shows these days are just not appealing to me anymore. Let the masses gossip over their tv shows and get overly emotional attached to how their favorite sports team is doing this year. Your time and focus is valuable. Use it wisely on the things that are important to you. 

If you find it difficult to give up these useless distractions, perhaps you just haven’t experienced the simple “high” you can get from creating and selling something you've created as an entrepreneur.

Before you even think about giving up, writer M.J Demarco suggests the following to give you a taste of the addictive flavor of entrepreneurship:

“Create and invent something by virtue of your own skill and ingenuity. It could be as simple as buying something from the thrift/goodwill store, cleaning, fixing, and/or repainting it, or something more extensive like a short eBook or a painting.

Then after your act of creation, sell it online at eBay, Craigslist, Etsy, or some other marketplace. After you sell your little project, pay close attention to how you feel. Feel that incredible sensation? That's the addictive drug of accomplishment and achievement. Once you get a taste of production by your own creative processes, NOTHING on the boob-tube can compete with it, not even an angry bird.”