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Meir Ezra - Money Mastery Course

It is interesting to notice that, even if you increase your income, magically, the expenses somehow rise at least at the same rate and somehow you don’t end up with more money. Your debt is connected to your income in a mysterious and insidious way. Regardless of your revenue, you somehow have the same bottom line.


The easiest subject to make mistakes in is money. And money related mistakes are the most painful mistakes. A long study has found that there are 7,239 ways (so far) to incorrectly handle money. People have amazing and creative ways to invent more ways to mishandle money. Even when they somehow create more money than usual, people find ways to waste more money than usual…

Almost every week I hear a “new bright idea” relating to money that will ensure the person will lose his hard earned money. On the other hand, there are 7 correct ways to handle money resulting in a lot of money in your pocket. You need to know the common mistakes in financial planning and money. You also need to know that correct ways it can’t be one or the other.

To suceed in anything, you need knowledge. You need correct knowledge, applicable knowledge and you need to really understand the knowledge.

The issue is that no one teaches you how to manage your finances and how to create money! I am sure you did not learn this at school, college or any university.