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This is something that many seek to achieve whether renting or owning a place. Saving on your utility bill can make a huge difference because as life is unpredictable, sometimes we encounter rough financial patches. Even saving $10 a month can be considered a successful endeavor since 10 multipled by 12 months equals $120. Nice right?

Here are three simple ways that can save you some money each month, if applied in a consistent manner of course:

1- LIGHTS: Learn to use lights in moderation. Remember that during the summertime the sunlight is much brighter ( according to where you live and whether you have windows ). During the day, use the sunlight as your source of light as much as you can. Open your blinds and sit near the window to read, write etc... Wait until it gets harder for you to read to finally turn on the lights. Also, don't turn on every possible light in the house at night; some rooms don't need to be constantly lit such as the hallway for example.

2- AIR CONDITIONING: Try to use your AC on really hot days only. On regular days, wait for the heat to reach its peak before you turn it on. If doable, stay out and go to a store that is air conditioned and keep yourself busy there as long as you can before you return to your home. Most of the time the heat subsides after 6pm ( not always though ).

3- GAS: In the summer, since it's mostly hot, cook cooler meals that require little or no use of the stove or the oven. Also, pay more attention to what you're cooking: check on your food every five to ten minutes as tedious as it may sound. Doing this will allow you not to over-cook your meals and it will spare you the task of cooking your meal all over again ( doubling gas usage ) because you burned it while watching your tv show.

Whenever you're tempted to give up on those practices, just remember all the things you can do with the $120 we spoke about earlier!